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Concrete Floor Maintenance by Expert Technicians

The concrete floor is not only poured and finished, but if we want the concrete floor in front of the house or our multipurpose yard to last a long time, we need to maintain it properly so that the concrete can be used effectively at any time. Here are some tips on how to maintain concrete floors.

Ways to maintain concrete floors

Regularly clean the concrete floor, the large concrete floor or courtyard should be cleaned at least once a year, if the concrete area is small, it can be cleaned at the convenience of the user.

● Repair cracks in concrete to keep the surface strong and to reduce water penetration from cracks that in the future may cause deterioration of the concrete floor, it is advisable to consult a concrete specialist or concrete contractor for a direct solution.

● Taking care of the joints of concrete floors, concrete floors, if there are joints, may have problems with water seepage from the floor above and down to the bottom of the concrete, including dirty in the joints such as chemicals, washing. These will affect the performance of the concrete floor. Cleanliness is also crucial and another important thing is to compress the ground before pouring the concrete slab so that the joints do not separate.

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