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The advantages of concrete floor pouring

How good is concrete pouring?


The properties of a good concrete floor

1. The concrete floor is durable and has a long service life.
2. The concrete floors are strong, can support a lot of weight, and rarely have structural problems. In areas where heavy loads are required, such as those that are regularly driven by trucks, should use concrete floors so that this will not be a problem in the future.
3. Concrete floors can be completed in a short time. Suitable for those who need urgent work because it takes less time for construction. Concrete floors are an interesting option.
4. You can choose the strength of the concrete slab, it is advantageous for the use of different places because different applications require different strengths. However, it is advisable to consult an expert technician to make the concrete floor more complete.
5. Concrete floors are non-combustible because concrete has non-combustible properties that can help reduce fire hazards.
6. The advantage of installing concrete floors is that we can design concrete floors in many ways, such as polishing or waxing the floor.


Concrete Flooring Work


If the benefits mentioned above are suitable for your place, T & N Concrete 2010 Limited Partnership provides concrete pouring services with more than ten years of experience. We do more than 500 quality concrete flooring works with affordable prices, location preparation for concrete pouring, pouring a concrete floor, parking lots floors, market floors, concrete roads, field floors, sports ground floors, folk, general concrete pouring, and advice. Starting price, thickness 10 cm. 280 baht, thickness 12 cm 320 baht, thickness 15 cm 380 baht, thickness 20 cm 450 baht *this price is only for Bangkok and surrounding areas* Our job is to make your floor complete to make you feel the sincerity of our service




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