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Tips for cleaning concrete floors

Cleaning the concrete floor after slab-pouring should be done properly to maintain the concrete floor in perfect condition for continuous and long-lasting use in extreme climates, strong sunlight, walking, and vehicle use will cause the concrete floor to become dirty and deteriorate.

How easily clean concrete floors by yourself?

1. Basic cleaning by using no sweeping to clean to remove debris and dust that comes with pollution, humans, and cars.

2. Cleaning ingrained stains on the concrete floor such as tire marks, leaves stains, or other substances that cannot be cleaned normally. Cleaning these stains requires cleaning chemicals such as detergents, chemical cleaners, and abrasive tools to remove ingrained stains.

3. Cleaning the oil stain attached to the concrete floor will be difficult or easy depending on the time, if the oil stain is attached to the concrete floor for a long time, it will make cleaning more difficult. Here are some simple cleaning tips.

  • Remove excess oil by wiping with a rag.
  • Scrub the concrete floor with detergent or baking soda to dissolve the oil stains and rinse with water. 
  • Remove the oil stain with soap or dishwashing liquid and use a scrubber to scrub the oily spot and rinse.

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