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How should you prepare before pouring concrete?

Preparation before pouring your concrete


- Remove weeds, rubble before pouring concrete to prevent air bubbles inside the concrete.
- Apply oil or water to the wood
- Check the concrete reinforcement form before pouring.
- Should not pour concrete higher than 2 meters because it will cause separation
- Pouring concrete in layers, Once the first layer has been poured, it should be left for 20 hours before the next layer can be poured.
- Do not pour concrete during heavy rain.
- Do not mix water in ready-mixed concrete, it will dilute the concrete, resulting in low compressive strength and no strength.
- Concrete transport must not be far from the plant more than 15 km., because it may cause the concrete to harden before use.
- The entrance for the concrete truck must be wide enough that it can easily enter and exit.
- Concrete pouring in confined spaces, you must be prepared concreting equipment by using conveyors or hoses for conveying concrete.


Prepare the area before pouring concrete


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