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Let's get to know ready-mixed concrete.

What is ready-mixed concrete?

At present, most contractors or technicians will choose to order ready-mixed concrete for concrete pouring because it makes construction faster and more convenient. Ready-mixed concrete will be pre-mixed from the factory or concrete plant and brought to the truck for delivery.

Advantages of choosing ready-mixed concrete

- Get ready-mixed concrete that meets the standards due to the precise calculation of the proportions in the mix.
- Save space in construction because there is no pile of stones, piles of sand, and it also helps to shorten the construction time.
- Reduce the amount of labor required to mix concrete and pour concrete.
- Can be molded as required and has high durability.
- Ready-mixed concrete can be used for both small and large jobs.


Concrete Floor Pouring

T&N Concrete 2010 Limited Partnership provides concrete floor installation services at cheap prices by a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience.
T & N Concrete 2010 Limited Partnership provides a complete construction and pouring service of concrete. End at us in one job by a team of professional technicians with more than ten years of experience.
We guarantee quality with many works, small or large jobs, we do them all.
Selling concrete at a cheap price starting from only 1,400 baht per queue for concrete pouring for parking lots, market floors, concrete roads, field floors, sports ground floors, folk, and general concrete pouring.



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